Here’s What You Should Know About Selling Annuities


A life annuity is a contract that allows the holder to receive a regular income for life. If you purchase this type of insurance, you will pay a premium and then in return, the insurance company will provide your monthly payments for you. This form of insurance was initially used by retirees but can also be purchased by anyone who wishes to provide for their family even after death.

Can I Sell My Annuity?

In most cases, life annuities are non-transferrable. The holder cannot sell their assistance to another person and the insurance company is only obligated to pay the remaining payments if you pass away. You can, however, surrender your policy and take a cash payment instead of future payments. It means that you will give up some or all of the lifetime payments but rather receive a lump sum equal to the total amount that you would have received. In the event of a surrender, you will still be responsible for any premiums that you have paid up to that point and will likely be required to pay tax on any cash received.

Are There Alternatives to Selling My Annuity?

Many people are confused about how to sell their annuity. The answers depend on the type of annuity you have and whether or not it is a variable or fixed annuity. There are three types of non-qualified variable annuities. It can be unclear because you thought that variable annuities were a form of life insurance. Still, these types of variable annuities provide cash surrender values to compensate for these are not purchased for life.

Do I Have to Sell All of My Annuity or Can I Sell Just a Portion?

On the other hand, many people know that they want to sell their annuity but are unsure how to do it. Some people still want to receive some of their payments in the future and are just looking for a way out of their current contract. You can always sell a portion of your annuity, but you cannot get partial payments on a surrendered policy. The submitted value is always calculated as the total amount that would have been paid out over the lifetime of your contract.

What Are the Benefits of Selling My Annuity?

Transactions that allow you to receive cash instead of a lifetime of payments are typically not viewed as a good thing by most people. It is because most people view life insurance as something that can provide for their families after they pass away. Taking the cash payment may be considered to be letting your family down and could potentially cause a rift in your relationships with them.

Is It Legal to Sell My Annuity Payments?

In some cases, it is illegal to sell your annuity payments. Annuities are a contract and so one of the clauses of your agreement may be that you cannot sell your fees to another person. It is always a good idea to speak with an attorney or financial advisor if you have any questions about the legality of this type of transaction.

About the Selling Process

The process of selling an annuity is a difficult one. Many people do not realize that they are entering into a legally binding contract when they purchase their assistance. The insurance company will hold you to the terms of your agreement and if you try to break the contract by selling your payments, this can lead to serious legal action. It can be particularly problematic for someone who has no intentions of ever receiving the lifetime benefits from their annuity. The best plan of action is to discuss your situation with an attorney or financial advisor and they can help you decide if this is the correct type of transaction for you. Once you have decided how to proceed, document all of the information to avoid unexpected problems.

If you have any doubts about whether or not it is legal to sell your annuity, you should contact an attorney or financial advisor. You will want to discuss your concerns and the details of your contract so that the professional is aware of the situation before giving you any advice. They will ensure that you do not violate any clauses in your agreement and give you suggestions for how to proceed if selling your annuity payments is something you want to do.

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