Our world is in constant flux. We need to find more sustainable ways of living and more eco-friendly ways of doing business. Revolve is the platform for creative and innovative solutions.

Highlighting new ideas, energy projects and environmental issues to build a culture of sustainability, Revolve challenges traditional news content to transmit the potential of positive change.

As an award-winning international magazine, Revolve is a multi-media platform bringing together digital and print features with video and photo exhibits to provide an interactive and quality experience.

Over half of the world’s population now lives in cities. The UN estimates that 70% of humans will live in urban areas by 2050. From mega-cities to municipalities, cities must lead the energy transition with greener practices.

Printed quarterly in Brussels, capital of Europe, Revolve distributes at over 400 national outlets as well as at top energy, water and art expos around the world.

Each print issue has special dossiers: 1) CITIES – showing new sustainable urban initiatives; and 2) VIEWS – illustrating thematic stories with exceptional photography.

Complementary to our longer print features, online coverage includes shorter articles on energy, the environment, water, natural resources, and more inspiring projects that encourage greater sustainability.

Click here for Revolve's Media Kit

Click here for Revolve’s Media Kit

A glimpse at Revolve’s content:

nature, preservation, water, food, agriculture, and access to these precious resources that provide us with greater existential security.

VIEWS: the photography portal of Revolve Magazine where amateur, professional, new and experienced photographers can print special series and showcase their best images.

Energy: analyzing current and potential projects and the interplay of geopolitics behind the regional and global stakes in our persistent quest to meet our growing energy demands.

CITIES: the window for municipalities to highlight their best efforts with concrete projects for citizens to enjoy more energy-efficient and eco-friendly urban habitats.

World: shows aspects of our contemporary times from original and inquisitive angles that are often over-looked to provide thought-provoking opinion-oriented coverage.

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Don’t tell it; show it. People must see that the solutions are there.
- Connie Hedegaard


Connie Hedegaard
European Commissioner for Climate Action 

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Introduced by Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes
President of the European Renewable Energy Council


For their participation, Revolve is also grateful to:

Ambassador Arūnas Vinčiūnas
Deputy Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the European Union

Linda McAvan
Member of the European Parliament (UK)

Tony Long
Director of WWF European Policy Office

Ismael Daoud for Evelyne Huytebroeck
Minister of Environment, Energy, and Urban Renovation of the Region of Brussels-Capital